15 Diverse Thoughts Provoked by Dr. House

photo by ~Azzurri107

It seems that to many Dr House series is like what Vicodin is to Gregory House.

It is nice to watch TV series, which provides food for thought and teaches something useful. Each of us have made different conclusions after each episode.

Here is what came out of watching the first season

  1. What is crucial is not visible to the eye
  2. Emotions kill logic and common sense
  3. Diplomacy makes you feel comfortable but is of no use
  4. Person can be extremely useful to the society even if he does not leave a generation
  5. Exceptional people are forgiven for things that usual people are never forgiven for
  6. Cynics don’t risk breaking their pink sunglasses
  7. Intuition should be taken into account
  8. Curiosity is the key to answers
  9. Everyone has weaknesses
  10. Music (and vicodin) helps escaping the reality
  11. Brainstorming is powerful tool
  12. If you are pro in what you do people will respect you even if they don’t like you at all
  13. Live at the moment – any illness may attack any time and there may be no Dr. House to save your life
  14. Knowing what you have and healing you is more important than getting the compassion from a doctor who will not be able to save your life
  15. Everyone is equal on hospital bed

Dr House is negatively positive character… or the other way around.

Most of us like him for his non-standard approach and the fact that he differentiates from the grey crowd. Or maybe not…

Care sharing your thoughts on this?

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8 Responses

  1. :-) House is one of my favourite shows. And I can say from working in health care
    “Everyone lies” is a true phrase.

    The think I love most about the show is that listening intuition and action almost always result in success.

  2. I love House and the points you make in your post sum up why.

    Perhaps it is that I relate. I’ve kind of always marched to my own drummer. Sometimes say things that people can’t believe I said out loud… but usually have a deep sense of a lesson in why I said it.

    I believe it is why when I put out there that I was available as a Habits Coach… people came out of the woodwork from years ago to sign on with me!

    I get many lessons out of House. My hope is my lessons to other are as profound!

  3. While I have only ever watched the occasional episode of House, I have certainly worked with brilliant, clever people who you either love or hate and sometimes both at the same time! I love that you mention the value of intuition which is quite under-rated in today’s society

    • Ani says:

      Claire thanx.
      Unfortunately intuation is really underrated these days… Maybe that’s why Steve Jobs had such a competitive advantage after his return from India :)

  4. i like “intuition should be taken into account” – i always forget my gut feelings

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