How to Become A-List Blogger! 5 Things that Really Work

For some reason you have created a blog. You opened one in BlogSpot or word press, chose the theme and wrote your post. Then the next post… then the 3rd one.

Most probably after that you checked your stats every 15 minutes as well as waited for comments. Time passed and nothing happened.


Maybe because no matter how perfect your content was no one even suspected it existed? It’s like logging to Skype in the invisible mode and waiting for someone to shoot you a message… Not likely to happen, right?

Most probably after the ”why” question came to your mind you started google-ing for different tips and posts on blogging, getting traffic and increasing subscriber numbers… but even trying everything written there nothing may happen. And that’s when most of you will abandon your blog and move on.

Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing wrote ”A dead blog is a broken dream” and there are million broken dreams in the virtual space already!

Like many of you I also tried different stuff and although I am not very popular blogger (yet) some of the things I tried worked much better than the others.

Below are the few crucial things I did that made more impact than all the other things all together.

1.    Good content

What you write builds your reputation and keeping up the quality is extremely important. If the only reason you are putting up a post is because you did not have any new post since two weeks, then most probably the post is crappy.

If your post is crappy, readers who will somehow get to your blog will not read it till the end and will not revisit your blog anymore.

Life Probabilities had highest traffic on the day when Peter Clemens from the Change Blog shared my post 8 Simple Ways to Enjoy Loneliness in Facebook.

He does not know me personally and I had no idea he was reading my blog, so the only reason he shared it was that the content was good. So I earned my highest traffic just by writing good content. As a result it became the most popular post of my blog.

2.    Trainings and resources

New bloggers have plenty of questions both content related and technical ones. They can spend loads of time by searching the answers in Internet. That is fine, but I would rather spend that time writing and look for faster ways.

The best solution I found was A-List Blogging Bootcamps created by Mary Jaksch and Leo Babauta. This is a place where I found resources, podcasts, interviews, articles,  forums, bootcamps and webinars, which answered to all the questions I had so far.

They take your hand and lead through every single stage of blogging. Nothing had been more effective so far!

3.    Relationships

Let’s be honest. It is more likely that you will help the person you know rather than someone you don’t, right?

Bloggers are very communicative people. They usually respond to e mails and are replying to your comments on their blogs. Unless you scare them off by asking for favors in your very first contact interaction, with the time you will get to know the bloggers in your niche and eventually cooperate.

The first person, who helped me with advices on writing guest post pitch and featured my very first guest post in her blog was Anastasiya Goers from Balance in Me blog and I am very thankful.

4.    Fantastic Headlines

Imagine you are in open-air rock concert standing among the crowd. Unless you do something extraordinary the rock stars will not notice you.

Same is here.

There are millions of posts written every day and only the ones with catchy headlines have chance to be noticed. Most of the posts, which go viral, are the ones with amazing headlines.

Jon Morrow has a great resource called Headline Hacks on this, which you can download for free.

5.    Guest posts

A lot has been written about the benefits of guest posts and I will not get into details here. I would rather look at it from new angle.

My most popular guest post so far was Top 10 Reasons Why Losers Give Up: And How Not To Be a Loser Too! in Arvind Devalia’s blog Make It Happen.

It went viral and I was coming across it in Facebook and twitter.

Apart from the fact that Arvind advised great headline and we tried to make it as useful for the reader as possible, there was something else causing the success of the post. Something my blog did not have – the critical mass of readers.

Even if I wrote the same post with the same headline it would never have so many shares and would not be read by so many people. To me that is the biggest benefit of guest posting!

It definitely is not easy and those who said it lied. You will need lots of effort, time and determination to get where you wanna be as a blogger. But if you do not give up, continue developing and stay focused, you will definitely get there!

Hopefully what worked for me will work for you too.

Do not hesitate to share your experiences on the topic and together we may come up with very useful list!

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18 Responses

  1. Anastasiya says:

    Great article, Ani!
    I am glad that I could help you with your first guest post :-) You are always welcome on Balance In Me in the future :-)

  2. Bobbi Emel says:

    Hi Ani,

    These are really good tips and I know they’re going to help a lot of people! Thanks!

  3. Amit Amin says:

    I’m currently in the process of creating a few different hypotheses, both in terms of content as well as marketing.

    Anyone not following your tips is in trouble (you need good content!), but what I’m trying to figure out is the next level. The blogosphere is growing exponentially, while eyeballs are not. That means that both content and marketing strategies need to evolve if career blogging is the goal.

  4. Great tips, Ani. I think A list Blogging Bootcamps is fantastic for the in-depth training which really takes the learning to a whole new level. That and the supportive advice from other bloggers can really make a difference!

    I can certainly relate to checking the stats frequently when I first started!

  5. I think I would have slogged around a lot longer if I had not discovered A-List blogging Club and this awesome network of bloggers. And that led me to so many other fabulous bloggers and online entrepreneurs who have helped shape my path in this blogging world. All really good points you make here!

  6. Kaylee says:

    Great tips, Ani. I think the one that has helped me the most would have to be the A-List Blogging club. I think I would’ve quit by now if I didn’t have the support of such an awesome community.

    • Ani says:

      Yes Kaylee, A-List Blogging Club is really great. Besides that it teaches you a lot, it also has extremely warm environment!

  7. Hi Ani,
    This is a great start to a list. The actual list of all the things you can do to become a respected (and read) blogger is much, much longer as we all know.
    However, you have to pick your strategies and items to focus on because you can’t cover them all. Building relationships, creating genuinely helpful content, and writing a great headline that will actually get your post read are huge.

  8. Ani, great post!

    I am glad i was able to help you on your blogging journey:-)

    Good luck!

  9. Hi Ani

    I am actually considering the Alist Blogging club you mentioned but I would like more information about it. How is it structured? Do you ever get any one-on-one contact with Mary or Leo?

    I have heard nothing but good things about it so I am always excited to hear the real experienced from actual members!

    • Ani says:

      I definitely recommend the club since it is the one which helped me most.
      If ypu need any details send me your questions throgh contact form and I will provide the details you are curious about.

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