5 Reasons You Keep Getting Stuck (and what to do about them)

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It’s been more than a month since I wrote in this blog. The reason was not lack of time. It wasn’t lack of desire either. I intended to write… many times…

The reason was that for the first time I could not do it. I could not write.

Hours were spent staring at the monitor with blank look and empty mind. Nothing came out and all ideas decided to play hide and seek with me.

I was stuck!

It made me panic. It made me feel depressed and insecure. It was completely uncomfortable. Needless to say it also negatively impacted my self-esteem.

The year started almost a month ago. There were many plans but most of them stayed at their planning stage.

It took a while to realize that the fact that my last post was written more than a month ago is okay. It took even more to understand why.

So why is that?

Why do we keep getting stuck and not able to do things which we were used to do well and with no effort.

Looking back I guess it’s maybe because of:

1. Intensely productive period behind

On cannot work hard all the time. Periodically we need to take a break and relax.

The last two months of the year had been pretty busy. I became NaNoWriMo winner as result of long hours of creative writing.

Besides that I wrote an e-book called A Year in Questions, which features 365 thought-provoking questions one should ask himself during the year.

I was also jury member of fiction book prize, which made me read over 20 novels.

So maybe it was just time to take a small break…

Tip: when you get stuck think about what exactly happened? Maybe you pushed yourself too much and now it is time to step back, breath and charge yourself for the next steps

2. Holidays

Christmas and New Year are all about having fun, meeting people, eating, drinking and relaxing. And that’s what you do.

It is very nice not to think about work, productivity and results. It is also nice to live in the moment and ditch ”to-do” lists.

But at some point you get off-balance so much that you need time to get back to your equilibrium. You need some time to get back to the routine and recover from the vacation.

Tip: Take small steps and do not go from vacation straight to hectic work.

3. The fake impression of ”nothing”

What made me panic was the fact that I had not done anything this year.

Well in terms of writing blog posts that was true…


I’ve done quite a bit (and there were kind people to remind me about that).

In a short span of 20 days I read 3 novels, completed a social media project and made my free eBook incentive available to Life Probabilities subscribers.

Well maybe that is not a lot, but it is not ”nothing” for sure.

Tip: Next time you feel stuck and get the feeling that you have done nothing, just take a minute and look back. Maybe it is just an impression of ”nothing” you are having and there is quite a bit behind.

4. Pressure

Now that my readership has grown I feel pressured.

Knowing that any new post will end up in many people’s inboxes intimidates and makes me think twice before posting anything.  It seems that the desire to meet expectations negatively impacts my creativity.

Tip: If people have subscribed it most probably means that they like what you write. Most of the blog readers are not judgmental. So if you keep on the good works, things will only get better. There is no need to worry. After all there is always that ”unsubscribe” link and the choice is theirs.

5. Procrastination

Yup, this one is really annoying… Later, tomorrow, after, in a while… all those words show how often we procrastinate. The bad news is that it can go on forever. But the good news is that it all depends on you.

I try to fight it back. Sometimes it works… sometimes it does not.

Tip: It seems that the hardest part is making the first move. Once you start rolling the procrastination starts to leave. Just force yourself to make the first step, to write the first sentence or to switch on the computer.

Well, I guess this was my way of saying that I am finally back.

What about you? Are you getting stuck too? What do you do about it?

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9 Responses

  1. Priska says:

    I had exactly the same problem. I still wrote everyday, but in the form of journaling, I could not write a blog.
    For me, I think that pre Christmas is just too busy, all of that extra socializing and Christmas preparation.
    I also think that I’d been busy starting up. When I overcame the newness of it all I felt afraid of ‘not being good enough’.
    But we’re back and I’m sure it will happen again.
    Life does not always run according to the timetable we set ourselves.

  2. I enjoy articles like this because it shows the human side of the author. It shows you acknowledge your fears and faults but yet you have the ability to talk yourself out of it. Keep going strong, Ani. Good luck.

  3. Okto says:

    Hi Ani,

    My first time here. I notice you from firepolemarketing :)
    Point number three is great, I never think of it. You just right. Sometime people are forget on what they’ve achieved because they’re too busy focussing on other things.

    Knowing that we have done many (though simple) things could have many possitive effects on our productivity. We will realize that actually we are making things happen thus we will be ready to achieve more.

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