It Is Never Too Late or 6 Things You Can Do Anytime

too lateHave you ever thought how stereotypical do many people think about life? You have to go to college, find a good job, make a career, get married, have children…. the list goes on…

Not only they have a vision of what has to be done, but they also put age limits to it. Become a manager before 35, have a baby before 40…. etc.

Maybe that is why as a result many of us end up with the concept of ‘’too late’’. We think that for anything that gets beyond that age limits is already too late to do…

Well you know what? I think it is bullshit!

Everyone sets his/her own limits. And if you have decided that it is not too late, then you are definitely right. (tweet this!)
For me personally, there are some things for which it is never too late.
It is never too late to…

1. Learn new things

Who said that you have to learn new things while you are young? Learning new things is a non-stop process. It is never too late to embrace new knowledge and even if you do it all the time there will still be plenty left to discover. The whole life is not enough to learn everything.(tweet this!)

2. Change your life

You cannot predict everything in advance. That is why sometimes you may end up making wrong decisions. Sometimes those decisions have major effect on your life – like marriage, choice of profession, job, relocation…

What then?

Stick to the decision because it is already too late and live miserable ever after… or change your mind, rewind and start over again?
It is up to you to decide. But in any case it is never too late…

3. Find your passion

Some people are lucky. They know what they are passionate about since very young age. But not all… Many have no clue what their passion is. It may take a long time to find out…Some even never do…
You may not be too young by the time you find your passion.
But if that’s really your passion you will never think about if it is too late or not. It will absorb you!

4. Quit bad habits

Yea I know that you’ve been smoking for years… and I guess you know that I have been procrastinating for ages.
We both use the cheap excuse that it is too late… and we both know that it’s not true

5. To pursue your dreams

All of us had dreams in our childhood. Then life happened … and they were forgotten. Periodically they re-appear either in our memories or in or desires. But when they do, ‘’it’s too late’’ kills them again.

Don’t kill you dreams. Live them!
So what that many will think you are weird? Who cares?

They have already given up their dreams. Don’t give up yours! Prove them wrong.
If being considered strange and crazy is the price to pay for my happiness, then I am ready. What about you?

6. Fall in Love

What if you meet your half when you are 45? Will the bare fact that you were ‘’supposed’’ to meet your love at 25 stop you from falling in love? That would be stupid, no?
It is never late to fall in love…
I have been 25 a long time ago, but I still fall in love… a lot.
I re-fall in love with my hubby periodically. I fall in love with life often.
I fall in love with books, songs, places… And I will be doing so 20,30 even 40 years later

So next time you think that it is too late, please think again.
Try to find out why you think so? What stops you from just doing it?
Age? Prejudice? Maybe lack of courage? Or maybe you just make things up and there are no obstacles at all?

Feel free to share and discuss your stories in the comments below.

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12 Responses

  1. It really is never too late. All my life I had no direction or passion. It seemed like everyone but me had a plan for what they wanted to be in the future. I was lost and never thought I had a chance in the future.

    Then one unexpected day, I found it. I found my passion and it has been leading to so many things and I’m grateful that I never stopped looking. I made it a conscious decision to seek out my passion and I finally found it. Now I’m chasing it and it still is not too late.

  2. All of your points are so true. I think the trick to staying young is to always believe it is never too late to any of things you mentioned above.

  3. Trevor says:

    I love this post!

    It is NEVER too late. I don’t give a damn how old you are. You can be sitting in your rocker on the front porch of your retirement home cursing at those damn kids to keep off the grass — it still ain’t too late.

    No. Never.

    As long as you have some life left in you then you have a future that is in your hands. In other words, you have power. You make yourself.

    “The whole life is not enough to learn everything.” This is such a profound truth. We will never know it all. Never. If we can still learn, we can still improve. It’s simple logic.

    We learn until we die. We LIVE until we die. If you’re not dead, then you’d better get living. We always have less time than we think, but it’s never too late to make the most of that time.


  4. Ani says:

    Trevor, thanx for the comment.
    I have a feeling that your comment was a mini post itself :)

  5. Lea Bullen says:

    I think you’re right…it is bullshit! :-) We should set our own timelines, individually. You know what’s right for you and when it’s right for you.

    Maybe when you’re 20-something you couldn’t imagine doing something that society expected you to do by then, but when you’re 30-something you want to do it. I say go right ahead, it’s your life. Enjoy it on your own terms.

  6. nguyenhong van says:

    yes, it’s never late to learn something new,i’m young so i want to lera lots of things, but somtimes think, have something when we learn it’ too late

  7. It was never too late start over again. You can all you ever wanted or dream off. Time dont wait for anyone though but time cant go in extinction.

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