7 Things That Will Keep The Panic Away 11

panic-attacksUsually I am pretty good at self-control and don’t panic often… but not always. Sometimes it is not the case. When problems appear out of nowhere and I am not prepared to face them I panic.

How do I know that?

Well, my brain stops functioning, the air does not seem to be enough and I get upset. On top of it all I start thinking that life is unfair, that disasters come my way and that this was possibly the worst time it could happen.

Since at those moments I can’t think straight, I decided to write how to cope with the situation while I am sane and there is no trace of panic.In theory I know what the right way to cope with panic is but when it comes – everything is forgotten.

So what is it instead of panicking that we need to do when things go wrong?

1. Breath

I don’t mean breathing in a paper bag, it is too extreme and not for most of us. What I mean is taking deep breath in order to relax and release the stress which squeezes your body.

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2. Step back

Take a step back and create a distance between yourself and the situation. Try to forget it for a while. Half an hour of forgetting everything, relaxing and sipping a tea will help you re-visit the situation with more positive attitude.

3. Switch on your brains

Somehow it seems that the arrival of panic and the switching off your brain happen simultaneously. Try to suppress your emotions and after the small break you took switch your brain on again and think straight.

4. Think of the worst scenario

Usually panic is based on fear. But think about what is the worst scenario? Most probably the worst already happened and the worst thing will be that the situation will not get solved. Since you’re already facing the situation there is nothing to be afraid of, right.

5. Look for solutions

Once your brain re-starts functioning you can think of possible solutions. Do your best to lean on logic and common sense. Creative and non-standard options will also be appreciated.

6. Try some solutions

Once you get few solution options, try some of them. You will never know if they will work unless you try them. Maybe you will be able to solve the problem and things will get back to track again… or maybe not.

7. Celebrate or accept

Depending on the outcome, celebrate your victory or accept the situation. In both cases consider it to be unpleasant situation, which you have to put behind.

So next time you discover that your dress is destroyed by the washing machine or your child gets flu on the day you had a getaway planned try the above before sinking into panic and making things worse.

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