RAOK – Random Acts Of Kindness

The very definition of kindness revolves around “concern for others”.

To me, an act of kindness is a selfless action to better the life of another being, without the expectation of anything in return.

And like many other things in life, the irony is that when you do it with no expectations, you actually graoket back much in return.

You get back a sense of peace, a feeling of deep connection with life and the best of all things, happiness.

We are all chasing that nine letter word aren’t we?

I believe that:

Unlike human currencies, which can only get you what’s equal to it in value, this one can get you much more than what you pay.

An act of kindness, small or large sets in motion another wheel of love in the universe and much like the “Butterfly Effect” from Chaos Theory, it can have profound effects on things, events and lives in the future.

All kindness is good, but I am particularly fond of RAOK or random acts of kindness.

Ever since I was introduced to the idea a few years back when reading an article online, I have had my own moments when at the spurge of the moment I have been purposefully kind to random people, strangers, and even animals.

And when you make it a habit of doing random acts of kindness, you are setting all these different wheels in motion, in different planes and times, which ultimately leads to a better world.

You can do it too.

I am sure most of us have had this wish at one point in our lives: To make the world a better place. Over the years, as corporate and familial duties put us in the rat race, we tend to conveniently forget that wish, to make room for corporate bottom lines, bill payments and raising kids.

But it’s not that hard to make the world a better place. You don’t need to be another Nelson Mandela or Gandhi to make the world a better place.

All you need to be, you already are. [Tweet this]

It doesn’t take much to act kindly. Even a smile will do. Don’t even expect a smile in return. You might be disappointed. But trust me, even a smile goes down into the Karma ledger.

I have seen that whenever I act selflessly, helping someone in need, the world always gives me back kindness in many folds. And more importantly, the world always gives me more opportunities to be kind.

Like a wheel that gains momentum and speeds up, the more opportunities for acting kindly I grab, the more I find them and the more happier I become in all aspects of my life.

It’s like you are sucked into this huge river of goodwill and harmony.

Whom to be kind to?

Everyone deserves kindness.

Smile to the next person you meet who looks like he’s having a bad day.

Take 30 seconds to talk to the janitor at the washroom at the train station and say that you appreciate his work.

Buy small packs of biscuits and keep in the glove compartment of your car. Give them to beggars or children of the street.

It’s almost Winter here in the northern hemisphere. Donate blankets to a homeless person.

When you visit a small business which seems to be trying hard to stay open, buy more than what you need, and then distribute it around.

If a colleague looks worried, offer a cup of coffee and tell them that they can talk to you about it if they want.

The list of acts of kindness is endless.

Look for an opportunity to be kind and when your eyes shift away from it, catch yourself in the moment and do what you can do.

There is only 1 test: If your act makes the moment, the day, or life better for another person, it is an act of kindness.

The best thing about random kindness is that it almost takes the receiver by surprise and makes his day all the more special.

I said earlier that kindness has this quality of gaining momentum. It also has an ability to spread happiness and more kindness. An act of kindness injects happiness not just to the one performing it and the one receiving, but also the ones witnessing it.

Just witnessing someone being kind can make us happy, even when we gain nothing from the act. It can make us want to do something kind too. It’s in human nature to be kind. We just need the right trigger.

Let me end this post with this video that has been doing rounds on the internet, a series of RAOK caught on dash cams.


I think it doesn’t need any comment from me for you to feel the goodness in it.

What are your experiences with RAOK? I welcome you to add your thoughts to this discussion.



Image courtesy: Bill Tyne

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