5 Random Facts About Me That You Might Not Know

random facts about meI really thought twice about writing this post. I was thinking like, why should I waste people’s valuable time making them read about my personal stuff.

Yet, I am going ahead with it because I feel that you guys deserve to know me better. Moreover, I myself like bloggers who reveal things about themselves.

So here we go. 5 random facts about me!

1. I read a LOT

I guess many of you will be as guilty as I am in reading a whole lot of books.

I’m guilty of buying more books than I read, and my library at home is full of books that are calling me out.

Yeah, I hope to catch up at some point.;)

2. I don’t read non-fiction at night

In fact, I am in the middle of reading multiple books on any given day. I have found that reading non-fiction right before going to bed actually ruins the night for me.

Usually I am so filled with ideas from the book that my brain goes into an overdrive and thought after thought starts rushing in. Sleep runs away from me and I have to wait till 4 AM or so to finally become too tired and fall asleep.

This is especially true if it’s a business related book.

Hence to protect my sleep, I have made it a habit to not read non-fiction after 9 PM.

3. I’m an introvert

Yes, I am. And I’m proud of it.

I’m not particularly a fan of labeling people. I believe that every human being is somewhere on a continuous spectrum between the extremes in anything related to the mind.

Yet, if you ask me on which side I prefer to be, I’d say I’d happily stay introvert.

It’s not that I don’t love the company of people. I love spending time with a friend.

It’s just that I love spending time with myself more.

Also, I need some time before I start to feel comfortable with a new person.

Also, I feel extremely uncomfortable at parties or dinners with people outside of my friend circle.

These may seem like a handicap for people who enjoy such occasions. Yet, I am perfectly okay with it and never really feel a need to change the way I am.

And there are the good things that come with being an introvert too.

For example, you can rarely feel bored when you are without company.

I enjoy my own company and a day spent in reading, meditation and writing and a couple of phone calls can be as good as a day can be.

4. I love public speaking

I am really proud of this.

I know that a lot of people suffer from the fear of public speaking. Once upon a time, I was one of them too. Yet, over the years, as part of my career I was lucky to have been forced to do public speaking and now I’m actually good at it.

Of course I still get those butterflies in my stomach before I step on stage. Yet I enjoy it, every second of it.

5. I write in the morning.

I’m not a writer. Yet I do need to get some writing done for my two blogs. I do this writing the first thing in the morning.

This is a habit I have developed after reading “Wake Up Successful” by Steve Scott. If you are struggling to find time to do your writing or just about any work in the direction of your goals, I strongly suggest that you check this book out. It has helped me immensely and I hope it helps you too.

I do a small morning ritual to tell my mind that it’s time to write and then I sit down with my laptop and write. I write till the flow of words stop, which can be through 700 words or through 1300 words, but when it happens, I stop for the day.

I know that writing is something that is taking me in the direction that I want to move in life. So by the time I get ready to do some “work”, I have already done my bit for the day to move in the direction of my goals and this makes me feel wonderful.

By 9 in the morning, I have already spent over an hour on the most important work of my life, and I am pumped up to get everything else done through the day.

So there they are. Do you share any of these traits with me?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

– Vinod.


Image courtesy: Brenda Clarke

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