Master The Art Of Being Spontaneous In Life

being spontaneous in lifeAs we get older, life can become decidedly dull and this is often because we get stuck in a routine doing the same thing day in, day out. Our lack of comfort when it comes to being more spontaneous means that we rarely get the chance to enjoy unusual or unexpected experiences in life.

Just imagine what life could be like if you did exercise a greater level of spontaneity. Being spontaneous does take guts, particularly if you are a stickler for routine. However, the possibilities are endless and you could find that this provides you with the opportunity to really enjoy life.

Take the novel, ‘The Dice Man’ by author George Cockcroft (written under his pen name of Luke Rhinehart). The novel is about a psychiatrist who drops his usual routines and instead starts to use dice in order to help him to make decisions. While this is a novel that is very dark in parts, what it does do is show how radically a person’s life can change when they start to be more spontaneous.

Wondering how to be more spontaneous?

Add fun and excitement to your life

Most of us are guilty of putting far too much thought into the things we do. For instance, going out for an evening is something that we often plan for weeks in advance rather than just deciding that we feel like going out one night, getting dressed and hitting the town.

However, those who have been spontaneous and just gone out on the spur of the moment have often found that these unplanned nights are the best ones.

Maybe you’re one of the many people who have felt a sudden urge to buy a scratch card at the local shop counter or try your hand at some online gambling sites, but you’ve suppressed that urge because it’s not part of your normal routine. This could be a missed opportunity that results in you missing out on big winnings.

In fact, there are many different ways in which being spontaneous could change your life. This could be anything from changing your financial situation for the better through to meeting new people, changing your career path, meeting that special someone and more.

Not only does increased spontaneity mean that you get to enjoy new experiences and opportunities in life but it also means that you can pull yourself out of the humdrum routine that so many of us end up getting caught up in.

Add spontaneity to your relationship

Another area in life where being more spontaneous can have great effects is in your relationships, especially that with your life partner.

Life can get monotonous with your 9-5 job, daily chores eating up most of your waking hours. Why not add a little element of surprise once in a while? Surprise your partner with unexpected gift on some random day! Or take them to experience something wild and fun like sky diving when they least expect it.

The excitement associated with all these will surely liven up your relationship. Not to say about being spontaneous and surprising in the bedroom. Sexologists would vouch on the importance of new and refreshing ways of intimacy in the bedroom to enhance your well being.

What is your take on being spontaneous in life? Please feel free to share it in the comments below.

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