Your Weirdness Speaks A Lot, And Guess What, It’s Good

am i weirdIf you are a creative person, you might be used to this, this look from people as if you are an alien, a weird person or even crazy.

You get this looks most of the time when you tell them what you want to do with your life.

You get them when you tell them what you do for a living.

You get them when you tell them how you want to spend the evening.

And you start asking yourself: “Am I weird?” And the answer is Yes, you are! And it’s awesome.

By creative person, I do not mean just artists, writers, sculptors and musicians. Any person with an innate urge to create anything new is creative.

A construction worker who has ideas for doing things differently, a janitor with a new way of greeting people who walk in to the washrooms, a farmer who experiments with his seeds and his tools, a school teacher who invents new ways of teaching and entertaining the kids, a business executive who brings new ideas to the table, an accountant who can think of making his job and those of his co-workers more interesting, a businessman who can think out of the box and dare to go after entirely new ideas; all these people can be referred to as creative people.

To me, creativity is about making changes to what exists now. It is about disturbing the status quo. It is about creating a new space where everyone else believed there was none.

And when you do that, you not only disturb the existing system, but you also disturb the so-called guardians of the system.

You know these guardians. They are the ones who say you can’t do that. They are the ones who say this cannot be because this has never been. They are the ones who call you weird because you stick out of their neatly trimmed flowerbed. You are the purple rose in their bed of red roses.

They say “You have to be a red rose to be here”.

“But I’m beautiful”.

They say “A rose cannot be purple.”

“But I’m beautiful”.

And they cut more of your branches and expect that the new branches will flower red.

These are the guardians of mediocrity. And they brand you as weird.

As much as they will try to bring you down, shut you up and make you conform, if you want to stay creative, you just have to walk over them.

You have been given the creative powers to do just this.  So employ it.

No change in the world ever came by without the society trying to stop it.

No beautiful thing was ever made without critics trying to write it off.

As a creative person myself, I believe that we should never listen to the opinions of others as far as our creative work is concerned.

The weirdness in you is your soul’s yearning to express itself.

Know that your weirdness is what makes you different. It is what makes you special and to be able to do things in far different ways than others

A creative work could be bad, it could be good or it could be a masterpiece. But it never is born out of a compromise with mediocrity.

So treasure you weirdness. It is your edge.

How weird do you think you are? Do you love yourself the way you are? I’d love to hear from you.

– Vinod.

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