Recharge Yourself Now: 7 Secrets To Instant Liveliness

recharge yourselfFeeling low?

Every single one of us have those moments or even days that we feel completely out of energy. Those days when you just don’t feel like anything is working out as you want them to. Those days when all you want to do is to recharge yourself and get back into action, but just can’t?

And most of the time, it is psychological. Just like there are those days when you feel like going all out and achieving, these days also exist when you feel like quitting. It’s simply the nature of the world, the yin and the yang.

The good thing is that at the end of the night comes the day, or in other words, your feelings of happiness and liveliness are right there ahead of you.

Many people forget to see this and dwell on the low energy, and brood on the people or circumstances they accuse of being the reason for that.

There is no way to come out of a low by thinking about or analyzing the reasons for it.

Instead what we need to do is to purposefully and consciously bring high energy into our thoughts and actions. There are many ways to do this, but here are 7 of my secrets that I employ when trying to recharge myself.

1. Drink a cup of tea

Tea, whether green tea or the regular one, contains a whole lot of goodness in it.

I have felt that drinking a cup of tea relaxes my mind and helps me look at things from a different perspective than when I’m totally exhausted.

As discussed in this article on the benefits of tea, tea has too much of goodness in it to be avoided.

Also, what I’ve found is that the simple act of preparing a cup of tea makes you calm. The ancient custom of Japanese Tea Ceremony stands as a proof to the calming effects of the process of tea preparation.

So be it to recharge yourself or simply to stay healthy, having a cup of tea is always good.

2. Workout

Remember how good it feels after a good workout? It comes as no surprise since working out has been found to release endorphins, which are the pleasure hormones in our body.

A good workout can make you feel all recharged and ready to take on the day’s challenges. The best part is that making you all lively is just a side benefit of working out. The real benefit needs no explanation of course.

Making a habit of working out daily can not only keep you healthy and fit, but can keep you happy too. Trust me.

3. Meditate

Do you have the habit of meditating for a few minutes daily? There is no question about the benefits of meditation on the mental and physical well being.

When you feel all down, just doing 20 minutes of meditation can relax you and get you back to your good spirits.

Moreover, by meditating you open up the possibilities to experience alternate states of consciousness where in might lie the answers to your problems and your questions on the purpose of your life.

Meditation can even answer some deep questions you have always wanted to ask yourself and bring about a whole new understanding about your true self.

So meditation is something too important to miss out on, even if it is used only as a way to recharge yourself. If you are new to meditation and do not have an idea of how to go about it, you can try some of the guided meditations available as mp3. Just put on your headphones, sit in a relaxed way and the guide’s voice will take you deep into your own self.

4. Do some gardening

I’ve found that spending some time tending to the plants in my garden refreshes my mind to a great extend.

Be it pruning those roses or loosening up the soil, the mere exertion of loving action makes me forget all the problems and somehow gets me back to my confident self.

The same can be said with tending to fishes in your fish tank. Engaging in the act of cleaning or changing the water in your fish tank can seem to be cumbersome, but seeing the end result can just be as refreshing to your mind as any of the above mentioned ideas.

5. Play an instrument

Who doesn’t know that music has deep therapeutic effects. Listening to music is one thing. Creating music with an instrument of your liking is a whole different level of experiencing the calming and energizing effects of music.

I play a little bit of Guitar (I’m not in a position to claim that I’m a guitar player yet) and of late I’ve taken to practicing Harmonica.

I just love Harmonica and find that playing the tabs to some of my favorite music pumps me up when I’m feeling a bit low.

The same goes with any instrument. Also, according to experts, learning something new every few months helps to create new neural pathways and keep your brain from undergoing the so called solidification for people aged 25 and above.

Why not learn a new instrument every now and then. Not only will you be recharging yourself, but you will also be helping keep your brain in top condition.

6. Watch your favorite motivational video

Do you have a favorite motivational video? If not, I suggest you find one.

For me, the watching a motivational video is almost equivalent to having a caffeine high with the added benefit of not needing to pee too much. 😛 (And I don’t suggest drinking more coffee to recharge yourself. Tea can work equally well with a much better effect on your health)

It’s better to have a collection of your favorite motivational quotes and videos for times when you’ll feel discharged and void of any enthusiasm.

This is one of my favorite ones:


The video could be a speech or a dialog from a movie, a TED talk or a video from your favorite self-help teacher. The point is that it should be short, but powerful to raise your spirits and have you up and taking action.

7. Take a shower

This is my favorite way to recharge myself when I feel really low or sad or drained.

Standing in the shower and having the water trickle over my ears relaxes me and gives an immediate sense of calm. The mere act of listening to the water flowing over my ears takes me to something like a meditative state of mind.

It’s no wonder that most of my ideas, be them for businesses or for writing have come when I’ve been in the shower.

If you have not tried it, I seriously suggest that you do it the next time you feel low. As a bonus, you might just stumble upon your next big idea when in there.

So that’s my list of 7 ways I tackle the feelings of lack of energy, dullness and sadness.


When you are living and engaging with this world, it is really hard to always stay energetic and jubilant. People, circumstances and even the weather can alter your moods.

The best way is to not fight the cause, but to find ways to get out of it and recharge yourself. These are not the only methods, and I’m sure each of you will have your own way of dealing with those moments.

What do you do to get back up when you feel low? I’d love to read it in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. Ken Ashe says:

    Tea is great. Coffee wakes me up too, but it’s not as calming tea.

  2. Some times its a pain in the ass to read what people wrote but this web site is really user friendly!

  3. Shahan says:

    If u dont mind! I have another best option to recharge yourself! The option is to talk to god and say all the situation about yourself to him because no one came here(in world) himself someone send u in the world to get an aim!! say i dont have ability to fight to this situation! Help me because u can slove all the problums!!

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