• 35 Self-Development Blogs I Love

    There are many lists of best self-development blogs and I am sure you have come across some of them. Top 100 (50, 20, etc.) best self-development blogs of 2014 (2013, 2012, etc.) – well you get the picture.

    Usually most of those posts are written by pretty known self-development bloggers. The best blogs are chosen based on their Alexa ratings, number of comments, quality of writing, etc. Some of those are really great – some others, I checked and something made me leave the page immediately (the design was not convenient for example).

    All of us are busy and our time is limited. Obviously we can’t read all the top 100 blogs, neither we have to. I think we just have to choose the few, which fit best with our personality, interests and tastes.

    Below are the blogs, which I really like. Usually, when I feel discouraged, need motivation or inspirational stories I go through the list and visit those blogs. I always find something uplifting to make me feel better there.

    The list below includes 35 blogs, but I have not numbered them intentionally. I don’t want to rank them at all. Each of those blogs has it’s unique feel and there is no #1 or #35. It’s simply a list of my preferred list, which you can use for your reference.

    Here we go!


    Pick the Brain

    The Blog For Genius Types [Read More...]

  • Giving Up… or Why Not To

    finding_myself_by_antontang-d2jnsp7Photo by antontang

    From time to time we all reach a stage, when things go wrong, when we don’t accomplish our goals and we decide to throw in the towel. It’s natural.

    Everyone get to that stage once in a while. Some often, other not that often, but we’ve all been there.

    We’ve been to the place where the disappointment meets us and makes believe that that’s the end. It makes you think that since you did not manage now you will not manage even if you try again. And at some point you start believing it. You decide that the disappointment was right and throw in that damn towel.

    And what happens next? Well what the disappointment predicted. With your action you guaranteed that what it said became true. From now you will never know what would have happened if you tried again.

    We all react to failures in different ways. And how we react defined what happens next.

    Do you stand up, brush off the dust and keep going? Do you make the right conclusions, learn from your mistakes and make things better? Do you curse, shout and decide that you are fed up with everything?

    Each of those reactions will bring you to a different place. Just think about where you want to be…

    I almost gave up few weeks ago. Looking at my blog traffic, at my kindle book sales, at the lack of freelance project and at the unwelcome snow heavily falling on March 30th

    The important part from the above confession is the word “almost”. Yes, I had the strong temptation to give up and forget everything. I was fed up trying and not getting closer to where I wanted to be. But then I re-thought and decided against it.

    Why? Well there were different reasons. Here are just some of them.

    First of all, deep inside I am absolutely certain that I am doing the right thing. I am sure that it’s my calling, that if I succeed it will be a dream come true and I do believe that it’s worth it.

    Besides, if I gave up, I would never know what would have happened if I carried on.

    I was also afraid that if I gave up once the giving up could become a bad habit. A habit that would be difficult to fight later on…’

    Also there was a thought that if I did not carry on I would never know how it felt to succeed and accomplish a dream. The thought itself was pretty negative and scary to be honest.

    Besides… one has to be different and most of the people give up these days.

    Will try to figure out how to self-encourage and self-motivate myself and will share the tips with you in the near future.

    Keep going, don’t give up and stay positive!

  • 10 Things That Will Help You Get Back on Track

    Left_or_Right_Train_Track_by_Fairiegoodmotherimage by FairieGoodMother

    Since the beginning of the year I’ve not been productive and most of the time till now seems to be wasted. But then again, I’ve made few mistakes from which I’ve learnt, so it was not entirely wasted, I guess.

    Now I am trying to get back on tack. I want to get my mojo back. I need to become more productive, and motivate myself to keep moving forward. Trying to understand what was getting on my way and what needs to be done, I came up with a small list of 10 things to think over.

    They are in my short-term “to-do” list right now.

     1.    Ask the right questions

    Sometimes asking questions bring answers, which make you understand your passions, goals and dreams. The right questions lead you to possible solutions and new ways of seeing things. I have created an eBook called “A Year in Questions” which you can check out and which will hopefully help you in self-discovery and self-development process.

    2.    Re-evaluate your life

    Life is not something fixed and stable. If you have figured out all the things in your life a while ago, it does not mean that nothing will change after that. You will need to re-evaluate your life periodically in order to know if you are headed at the right direction. Spend some time thinking things over and coming up with the whole picture of your life for the moment.

    [Read More...]

  • Defining Success

    Sucking-on-Success-Image-02Who doesn’t want to be successful?

    Yup, that’s what I thought. No one.

     These days there are many talks about becoming successful, not giving up after failure, getting there, striving for perfection and such. All that is supposed to motivate and encourage…

     But sometimes, just the opposite happens.

    Sometimes reading all those articles and coming back to where you are at that moment may make you even more depressed.

     Why is that?

    I think it is because many self-development authors contribute to the stereotyping of the meaning of success. The same thing does the TV, the media and the society.

    If you ask around about who is successful many will somehow come up with the names of celebrities, rich businessmen, top managers or well-known people.

    [Read More...]

  • Jump Higher and Succeed!

    NoLimits“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee

    Today I would like to tell you about one scientific experiment, which can explain a lot about our society and it’s effect on personal behavior.

    At the beginning of the experiment a number of fleas are placed in a jar. The natural reaction of the fleas is to jump out. After that a glass lid is placed on the top of the jar. Now the fleas fly high, hit the lid and fall back down into the jar. After a short time fleas adjust and begin jumping lower – until they start jumping slightly below the glass lid, in order not to hit it anymore. After three days the glass lid is removed. Since the fleas had already learnt to limit themselves from jumping high, they staid in the jar and there was no longer a lid needed to keep them inside. [Read More...]

  • What Is a Cynic? (or Price vs Value)


    What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde  

    These days most of the things in our life have price tags.  It feels like almost nothing is free anymore. There are price tags in the shops, there are price tags converted into different bills you receive and there are even price tags on people, according to the salary figures they receive.

    That is why many are certain that if they had more money they would be happy. Probably that is why most of us set goals, which will eventually lead us to higher income. But of course everything has its price and different sacrifices are made along the way.

     But is it really what you want? Money? Only money? <—- Tweet this

    [Read More...]

  • What Are You Doing?


    We are all back from the Christmas magic and New Year festivities to the reality. Now – after many relaxed days, parties and gatherings we all are back to the routine. And it is difficult. Most of us did not miss the work or other personal responsibilities. Kids are unhappy about going back to school.

    Why is that?

    I think that it’s because most of us do things that we do not enjoy. Things that are not part of our passion or life vision… Most of the things we do are obligations. Their purpose not always fits with our dreams and desires.

    Yesterday (like any other day) I was reading and came across a story, which looked so true to me. In just few words it delivered a wise message. I’d like to share it with you too. [Read More...]

  • Wishes and Messages for 2014

    Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

    These days many blogs have a year wrap-up posts. They also state different New Year resolutions. Initially I thought about that too, but then decided against that.


    Well partly because everyone else was doing it, so it was no longer original and creative and mostly because I don’t think people should wait for the New Year in order to make resolutions or initiate changes.

    With each year we all want to become better. We are looking for progress, improvements and success. With each coming year we want to be closer to our goals and dreams.

    We are already old enough to know the truth about the Santa and know that he won’t make our dreams come true, like he did back in your childhood. Now we have to act and walk towards our dreams. For that we all need to do some things and avoid doing other things.

    [Read More...]

  • Reaching Happiness

    imagesNote: Today I was at Tedx Talks in Yerevan. As always, it was a day full of inspiration, fresh ideas and extraordinary people. Some of the speeches were about life changing experiences, happiness and courage. They made me recall my own relatively recent experience. I realized that I never shared it in my own blog. The only time I addressed the topic was when I wrote a my guest post at Simpler Life Today a while  ago. So under the Tedx impressions I thought that it is worth re-posting the story in this blog too. Here it is:

    Working for multinational telecom company had become my main goal and one fine day I was actually hired.

    When I got my dream job my life made completely new twist.

    Our company was launching in new country, which meant that everything was completely crazy, extremely stressed and terribly fast.

    I faced a big challenge and was entirely absorbed by the job, which kind of eliminated all other aspects of my life. [Read More...]

  • Warning: The Future Tense Is Dangerous


    Many people make big plans for the future.

    They will write a novel, they will start a business, they will learn a new language, they will travel….. They will…will… will …sometime… later… not now… in a while.

    The problem is that very often all they do is talk – ONLY talk. Many think that stating their plans in public is enough. Many think that things may move forward themselves. Many are too lazy to actually start doing those things they plan to do in the future. Or at least start preparing the things, which may be done now…Many overestimate the power of thought. Thoughts without actions are not as powerful as you wish they were.

    The scariest part is that often the future is destined to be in the future forever. There are always more urgent issues to solve, more important things to take care of … In short life happens and you end up dreaming for the future forever. [Read More...]