Why You Should Blog or 15 Benefits of Blogging

There are million of blogs on the Internet these days. They are all different. Some of them are very popular. The others are not read at all.   Blogs have become a new media channels and we all are looking for our own audience.   So why all those people blog? (many will immediately say […]



10 Things Creative People Do Differently

Photo by emca Being different is not easy. You may get mocked or simply be misunderstood. That is why many people choose the easier way and hide the fact that they are different from others. It is much easier like that. Many people do that… but not the creative people. Creative people not only are different, but they […]

35 Self-Development Blogs I Love 6

There are many lists of best self-development blogs and I am sure you have come across some of them. Top 100 (50, 20, etc.) best self-development blogs of 2014 (2013, 2012, etc.) – well you get the picture. Usually most of those posts are written by pretty known self-development bloggers. The best blogs are chosen […]


Giving Up… or Why Not To 2

Photo by antontang From time to time we all reach a stage, when things go wrong, when we don’t accomplish our goals and we decide to throw in the towel. It’s natural. Everyone get to that stage once in a while. Some often, other not that often, but we’ve all been there. We’ve been to […]

10 Things That Will Help You Get Back on Track 2

image by FairieGoodMother Since the beginning of the year I’ve not been productive and most of the time till now seems to be wasted. But then again, I’ve made few mistakes from which I’ve learnt, so it was not entirely wasted, I guess. Now I am trying to get back on tack. I want to get […]



Defining Success

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Yup, that’s what I thought. No one.  These days there are many talks about becoming successful, not giving up after failure, getting there, striving for perfection and such. All that is supposed to motivate and encourage…  But sometimes, just the opposite happens. Sometimes reading all those articles and coming […]

Jump Higher and Succeed!

“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee Today I would like to tell you about one scientific experiment, which can explain a lot about our society and it’s effect on personal behavior. At the beginning of the experiment a number of fleas […]



What Is a Cynic? (or Price vs Value) 1

“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde   These days most of the things in our life have price tags.  It feels like almost nothing is free anymore. There are price tags in the shops, there are price tags converted into different bills you […]

What Are You Doing? 2

We are all back from the Christmas magic and New Year festivities to the reality. Now – after many relaxed days, parties and gatherings we all are back to the routine. And it is difficult. Most of us did not miss the work or other personal responsibilities. Kids are unhappy about going back to school. […]


Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Wishes and Messages for 2014 4

These days many blogs have a year wrap-up posts. They also state different New Year resolutions. Initially I thought about that too, but then decided against that. Why? Well partly because everyone else was doing it, so it was no longer original and creative and mostly because I don’t think people should wait for the […]

Reaching Happiness 9

Note: Today I was at Tedx Talks in Yerevan. As always, it was a day full of inspiration, fresh ideas and extraordinary people. Some of the speeches were about life changing experiences, happiness and courage. They made me recall my own relatively recent experience. I realized that I never shared it in my own blog. […]



Warning: The Future Tense Is Dangerous 10

Many people make big plans for the future. They will write a novel, they will start a business, they will learn a new language, they will travel….. They will…will… will …sometime… later… not now… in a while. The problem is that very often all they do is talk – ONLY talk. Many think that stating […]

Pat Flynn, Our Interview and His Book – Let Go 5

Pat Flynn is one of today’s most beloved thought leaders in the areas of Internet business, online marketing, and lifestyle entrepreneurialism. I approached his fans yesterday and here is what they told me about Pat. ”What I like about Pat is that he is a regular dude, and he will be the first to tell […]



Interview with Barrie Davenport and a Giveaway! 4

                Update:  The givevaway deadline has expired. Thank you everyone for your comments! The paperback copies are going to Trevor and Michelle. Congratulations guys! I have already sent you an e mail Many people are unhappy because they have not found their passion or they are not living […]

5 Ways to Junk Your Prosthetic Happiness 5

Editor’s Note: This is a contribution by Patrick Del Rosario. We live in a material world and if you’re tired of being stuck in the rat race, you may be in a situation where you’ve settled for prosthetic happiness. Prosthetic happiness can be defined as the type of happiness that is man-made, the happiness that’s imposed […]